The Language Vorlin (2006)

Changes between 1999 and 2006

Here is a list of significant changes between the 1999 version and 2006 version of the grammar document.

Chapter 1: The Introduction has been completely re-written.

Chapter 2: Removed the “micro sign” (µ) option for representing the velar nasal consonant. Clarified the pronunciation of e, x and r. Changed the sequence of items in this chapter. Tried to shorten the chapter a little because it seemed too long.

Chapter 3: Mentioned the experimental dialect that uses -en.

Chapter 4: No changes.

Chapter 5: As suggested in Felix Wan’s essay on noun classes, having -o mean “apply the substance to X” (as in salo “to salt something”) seems a little inconsistent, so I deleted the paragraph which formerly authorized that usage of -o.

The causative affix has evolved. It used to be a suffix (-kso) for intransitive verbs and an infix (-aks-) for transitive verbs. Now it is a suffix, -sko, for both transitive and intransitive verbs. Obviously this is more consistent. Also I believe some people will find “sk” easier to pronounce or more pleasant sounding than “ks.”

Added brief descriptions of the participles and imperatives.

Chapter 6: Updated the description of the suffix -a. Changed the moderative aspect infix. Now require using -a in combination with the attenuative and intensive affixes (with an exception for archaic texts). Mentioned the possible existence of lesu, meru, gamu.

Chapter 7: Abandoned the use of -um to create ordinals and went back to the traditional use of -a for that purpose.

Chapter 8: No changes.

Chapter 9: No changes.

Chapter 10: No significant changes. Added a footnote about the rr vowel.

Chapter 11: Deleted the idea of multiple sentences chained together by conjunctions. Added a caution against embedding one relative clause inside another. Added notes on the conjunction and quotation issues.

Vocabulary: The word hav has evolved into hab (part of an effort to reduce the frequency of V) but hav will remain in the dictionary as an archaic form.

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